Why We Are Different

If you have been on a retreat before, chances are you will find a Healthy Living Retreat different from anything you have previously experienced.

All your meals and snacks are included

From the time you arrive to the time you leave, your meals and snacks will be included.

 You will eat real food

This will take the form of highly nutritious, locally-sourced produce, high in healthy fats and protein. You are unlikely to feel hungry between meals and if you do, healthy snacks are available twice a day. We love juicing and smoothies but the Healthy Living Retreat isn’t about putting you on a juice-only diet. It’s about showing you how you can satisfy your appetite and eat healthily. If weight-loss is your goal, we will get you on track.

You will be boosting your immunity

With around 70% of your immune system in your digestive tract, having healthy digestion is vital for good immunity. We will introduce you to fermented foods and drinks which will gently support and increase the beneficial bacteria in your gut.

Our team are all experts

Some retreat centres employ therapists and yoga teachers on a minimum wage to churn out as many treatments as possible in a day. We engage highly trained experts in each field.

We limit the number of guests

Some retreats will put strangers in a room together and fill the venue to capacity. We limit the numbers on each retreat to ensure that everyone gets one to one attention and the best possible experience.